SOURCE – A girls travel basketball game in Westfield took a violent turn when a midcourt brawl broke out among a referee, player and several spectators that ended with a team being ejected from the tournament.

The altercation occurred over the weekend at the Prime Midwest Event at the Pacers Athletic Center during a game between Baylor Basketball and Indiana Elite. Baylor trailed 34-12 with 16 seconds left in the first quarter when its coach began arguing with the referee over a call.

A technical foul was called on Baylor and the coach picked up her bag to leave the game. Her players and other team staff moved to leave the court as well.

Will Wilson – Nothing like a good ol ref on dad on 16-year-old brawl at a youth basketball game. I guess you can say they disagreed with the call? Thank you, I’ll be typing till noon.

I mean that ref got jumped. Even one of the players got in on the action. He wasn’t even the guy who called the technical foul. I’m wondering if there is more stuff to this story. What team just randomly walks off the court after 1 technical foul in the first quarter? There had to have been other things that happened earlier in the game to cause this Malice At The Palace: Youth Edition.