SOURCE  – While Sandler denied that it has been discussed, he and McDonald – who played Sandler’s rival Shooter McGavin in the film – both stated that they would love to shoot a sequel if it was presented to them.

Sandler suggested that the plot could revolve around the two characters competing on the senior golf tour, to which McDonald said would “be a complete blast” to do. “The senior tour with us two? Oh my god,” he said

Will Wilson – About a week ago when the Happy Gilmore videos were going viral, Hooks and Friends discussed whether or not Happy Gilmore deserved a sequel. Hooks and Thew agreed it didn’t and that they should just leave it alone, but I disagreed and said a sequel has a better chance of being good than bad. Well, it looks like it might be happening. Happy Gilmore is a classic. There was something about Sandler and Chris McDonald interacting with each other that was hilarious. It was a low budget film which turned out to be a classic for people who don’t even like golf. This is a movie that so many people loved which makes the sequel an automatic hit. This isn’t like The Sanlot 2 or Paul Blart Mall Cop 2. I feel like a Happy Gilmore two can’t be too far away from what the first movie was like and if that’s the case, how can anybody not like it? Also when it comes to the sequel even being made, it will. If any movie idea gets any run on social media, it will be made. I think we will get Happy Gilmore 2 and I can’t wait.