By Will Wilson – Well how was your April Fools Day? Said no one ever. I love how this is a day that allows all adults to act like children for a day without getting judged. We get to come up with immature pranks on our coworkers and family because one day out of 365 we are allowed to do it. No April Fools prank will beat Mark Cuban’s back in 2003. I mean, it’s Mark Cuban, I’m not quite sure what his limits are in life but if I was at that game and I witnessed that, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mark Cuban was actually attacking that ref. I don’t know, he seems like a guy who could blow a fuse every now and then.

I honestly can’t believe an NBA referee would agree to do something like that. It got laughs yes but aren’t refs supposed to be professional? Not saying that’s what I think, but as far as what the league expects from their refs, I doubt the suits were happy this ref agreed to do this prank. Either way, it was hilarious and genius. By far the best April Fools day prank I’ve ever seen. George Kittle’s from Thursday was kinda funny, not for Jaguar fans who forgot what day it was.