By Will Wilson – Nebrasketball is suddenly playing its best basketball of the season heading into a road match up tomorrow night at No. 5 Iowa. When I think of Iowa and Nebraska playing eachother in basketball, I think back to this shot every time.

My blood veins are currently filled with nostalgia!!! I remember watching that shot on my dad’s iPhone 4 at a youth basketball tournament in town. The early watch BTN app’s lagginess didn’t stop my dad and I from yelling at the top our lungs in front 50 random people in a high school hallway when that shot went in. We got some weird looks, I mean only true Nebrasketball fan’s care about a 13 win team getting a win.

That shot was awesome and Pavelka nailed the call(as he always does). That team wasn’t very good but they had some fun wins like this one against Iowa and the final game at the Bob when the Huskers upset Minnesota. Talley was a great player during his time at Nebraska and sadly he gets overlooked because the team won 15 games that year and it’s not like Talley lit up the state sheet either.

Nebraska could very well get their butts whooped Thursday night, but at least we got to remember our good old friend Dylan Talley.