Saturday evening was one of celebration especially with College Game Day taking place earlier in the day and yesterday. However the joyous feeling for Husker fans went away when Ohio State ( Ranked #5 in the nation) showed utter domination in the first half softened with score being 38-0. Once the second half went off , it seemed that Ohio State started to slow down as the Huskers sacked their QB Justin Fields, forcing the Buckeyes to take a field goal for the second time. The Buckeyes kept to their routine though, and scored another touchdown. Never the less the Huskers managed to avoid a blowout with Dedrick Mills scoring a touchdown in the 3rd quarter. By the fourth quarter both Ohio State and the Huskers had wind down to a stand still with neither team making another point leaving the final score 48-7. Huskers hopefully will have a better home game against Northwestern next Saturday.



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