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By Will Wilson – You know, I want to have kids some day. Boy or girl, I will teach them how to play golf for multiple reasons. One, incase they become really good and make millions like Justin Thomas, and two, so when I’m old and in my sixties, I have someone to play golf with me.

What an awesome thing to watch. Just a dad bringing is two youngins out for a round of golf, clearly it’s their first time. First off, take away the hole in one, that’s not a bad swing that’s not a bad swing for someone whose never played a round of golf before. I have buddies who’ve played many times and still swing like Dangerfield in Caddyshack.

I think a lot of people would probably die if it meant they would make a hole in one. It’s like the ultimate goal of a golfer, that and playing Augusta some day. If I’m the dad I’m lowkey a little pissed right? Like, I bet he’s played over 50 rounds of golf and has probably never gotten one(assuming of course) and he takes his son out for his first round to see him nail an ace. Unbelievable.

This seems like a reasonable time to tell the story of the time I got a “hole in one”. I’ll explain why I put that in quotations. When I was a sophomore in high school, I was out golfing with a buddy named Blake who’s a way better golfer than me. It was early evening at Hillcrest when we got to hole number 3, which is a decently long par 3. We were basically just screwing around, that was the goal, it was getting dark and we just wanted to play a few holes, we didn’t care what we shot. So to have some fun we played from the women’s tees, that’s right the front tees, the red tees. So we are having fun and we got to hole 3 and I decided to have some more fun and tee off from the red tees with my driver. Remember it’s about a 170 yard par 3 from the women’s tees, not very long. So I just stood up there, took about a half swing, and fired away. I wasn’t expecting anything, obviously, but I made solid contact and it started on a decent line. It was a half swing so the ball flight was low which caused it to bounce about 40 yards in front of the green. The hole is down hill from the tees and it was a front pin that day so it was actually looking like the shot could turn out fine. Sure enough, the damn ball skipped up onto the green and rolled into the hole. I couldn’t believe it. My buddy and I went nuts, screaming and running around the course. There isn’t another feeling out there like getting your first hole in one. Listen, I count that. I realize I was goofing off but no matter how you look at it, I hit that ball into that hole in one stroke. It’s a cool story but not one to talk about a lot or boast about. It’s a cool story until I say it was from the lady’s tees, BUT IT WAS WITH A HALF SWING DRIVER?!? Nah, I get it. The club pro didn’t even want to put it in the news letter.

Oh by the way, I’m guilty, I know I sort stole the spotlight from that little kid. Way to go Kid, you one upped me.