Is Nebraska Afraid To Play Oklahoma?

By Will Wilson – Well thanks a lot Brett, do you mind if we have a good Friday? This clearly isn’t positive news for Husker fans but what is now a days? This game has been circled by the fans and the team since it was scheduled in 2012, but now it looks like the program changed that circle into an X.

Is Nebraska afraid to play Oklahoma this season?

It sure looks like it. I mean in 2012, did the athletic department think Nebraska would be coming into this game after a shortened season where the Huskers only won 4 games? NO. But it’s such a bad look to schedule a game that far out and back out of it this late because you don’t want to take the punch. I think this is the perfect way to describe the current state of Nebraska Football. We used to be the team that people didn’t want to play, now we are on the opposite side of that fence.

This may be an unpopular thought, and maybe I’m just pissed off right now, but as I look back at all the criticism Nebraska got from the national media in 2020, Nebraska brought a lot of that on themselves. Of course it didn’t seem like that because all of Husker nation was trying to cancel Keyshawn Johnson and Michael Wilbon. Why do we as fans think Nebraska’s shit smells great to where nobody can talk crap about us? I get it, we are loyal fans and no matter what, we show support towards our team, but at some point we have to be real to ourselves. I’m not trying to bash Frost because I believe in him and his staff, but I’m not about to be the Husker fan who thinks we still deserve to be treated like a king. We are losing more than winning, we are far from that throne. Pulling stuff like what we heard today makes Nebraska a target. We bring criticism on ourselves. Was some of it in 2020 unfair, yes, but some of it was also the truth which Husker fans fail to believe.

When you come out and say “if Nebraska has to play a game in Uzbekistan, it will”, that makes this move by Nebraska embarrassing.

Look, I know it’s important to not lose money, but even that doesn’t make sense to me. The buyout Nebraska would have to pay Oklahoma for backing out of the series is $1 million. How is scheduling a home game that weekend in place of heading to Norman making up for profit when you still have to fork up a million bucks? If money is a concern, then why aren’t we excited for the 2022 game in Lincoln? That would surely bring in some money.

Clearly we don’t know why Nebraska is trying to get out of this game but the timing of this news, makes me think they are afraid to play, but like I said, we don’t know, and I certainly don’t know anything you don’t know. This game has to be played, and if we back out, I will be very concerned and disappointed in the program. Let’s hope Oklahoma keeps upping the pressure so we actually get this series played.