Saturday evening in Minneapolis was another reminder that the Huskers have a long way to go. Nebraska suffered a third defeat by the Minneapolis Golden Gophers who remain undefeated. Through out the first half of the game the Gophers defense kept on breaking through the Huskers offensive line, then either sacking Noah Vedral on several occasions or forcing him to run. The Gophers also kept the drive on offense down the field scoring two touchdowns in the first half while leaving the Huskers scoreless.  The start of the third quarter wasn’t much better. Two minutes in Minnesota scores another touchdown then during the final minutes of the quarter, they gain two more touchdowns with a score of 34 to 0. Thankfully it wasn’t a shut out as Nebraska scored at least one touchdown in the beginning of the fourth quarter and managed to stop the Gophers from scoring another touchdown with the final score 34-7.



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