LINCOLN–(NU Athletics Nov. 20)–The Nebraska football team worked out in full pads for two hours on Wednesday, splitting time inside the Hawks Championship Center and outside on the Ed and Joyanne Gass practice fields.

Offensive Coordinator Troy Walters addressed the media following the conclusion of practice and talked about the importance of play calling in the red zone.

“Well that is not [just the] red zone,” said Coach Walters, “that is [important] across the entire football field. We are going to try to put our guys in the best place possible but, in the end they have to go and make the plays. They have to make the throw, make the catch, make the block, [or] make the run. As you get in the red zone, the space reduces so there are going to be tighter coverages [on] the receivers and tight ends and running backs. [They] have a bit more pressure to get open. We are going to try to get the guys in the best play and they are going to have to go out there and execute.”

Walters also addressed the challenges Maryland’s defense with pose despite the amount of points they have allowed opponents this season.

“Yeah, they have given up a lot of points,” Coach Walters agreed. “But, if you look at them man for man, they are very talented. They have good size [and] good length. On secondary, they run around, they are going to get up in your face and press. They are going to make it difficult to get off the line of scrimmage. So, it doesn’t look like a team that has given up as many points as they have because they are very athletic. So, we have got to go in there and execute and make sure. [Being] on the road, we can’t beat ourselves. We can’t have the penalties, the turnovers, and get ready for a fight. They have had a week off to rest and to get ready for us so, we are going to get their best shot.”

Walters also discussed senior wide receiver Kanawai Noa and his success in the past few weeks.

“He has done that all year.” Walters said. “He plays hard, plays with passion, loves the game. [He] really reminds me of Stanley (Morgan) last year. Every time he steps on the field he has that enthusiasm and that excitement. He has been doing a great job running great routes, he is getting better each week. There have been times this season where maybe the quarterback didn’t see him, didn’t have time, or they just weren’t connecting but, we love what he has brought on and off the field and he has done a great job.”

Nebraska will take the practice field again tomorrow morning in preparation for the matchup against Maryland.  Saturday’s game will begin at 2:30 p.m. central and will be televised on BTN.