LINCOLN–(NU Athletics Nov. 21)–The Nebraska football team worked out in helmets only for over two hours on Thursday inside the Hawks Championship Center.

Head Coach Scott Frost addressed the media after the conclusion of practice to talk about Maryland’s team.

“They’re athletic, they’re talented,” Frost said. “I think both teams are desperate for a win. They’re well-coached, so just like any other Big Ten team, we’re going to have to go play well if we expect to have a chance.”

Frost mentioned what the Huskers need to do in order to win.

“We talk about those things every week, and really those things don’t change,” Frost said. “Those things are to continue to get better, try to win your individual battle, play as hard as you can, play for the brother to your right and your left. Obviously, there’s some other things. We’re still putting the ball on the ground too much, we’re still turning it over too much. We’re not creating them well enough on defense. Usually, a game like this weekend, where there’s supposed to be rain, those games come down to turnovers. So we have to do well on that category.”

Frost also discussed the mood of the team.

“The mood has been positive. The energy has been positive. The attitudes are positive,” Frost said. “They believe in where they are and what they’re doing. Until you get over the hump and get those wins, you can still see guys wondering when it’s going to happen instead of expecting it to happen or making it happen. This team needs to win one of these close games and get over the hump. They’re doing everything right. I just think winning breeds more confidence and confidence breeds more winning.”

Frost concluded with talking about sophomore quarterback Adrian Martinez.

“I thought he played with a little more confidence on Saturday,” Frost said. “He definitely ran with more of a purpose I thought. He made some really good throws, put some balls on a line into a couple tight windows. He’s getting healthier, that’s going to help, but that’s the kind of Adrian that we expect.

Nebraska will take the practice field again tomorrow morning in preparation for the matchup against Maryland. Saturday’s game will begin at 2:30 p.m. CT and will be televised on BTN.