LINCOLN–(NU Athletics Nov. 14)–The Nebraska football team worked out in helmets only for over two hours on Thursday inside the Hawks Championship Center.

Head Coach Scott Frost addressed the media following practice to talk about Wisconsin’s defense.
“We’re not going to get many chances, first of all, in a game like this,” Frost said. “I assume they’re going to try to control the clock on offense, so you have to be efficient. I think they have good players on all three levels. Obviously, number 56 (outside linebacker Zack Baun) is a pretty special player, pass rush and everything else. He’s surrounded by a bunch of good players. They’re going to try to lock you down outside and load the box, make it hard to run and have pretty tight coverage on your guys. We have to block well, and we have to run good routes and complete some.”

Frost mentioned the energy of the team after the bye week.
“The vast majority of our team is positive and excited,” Frost said. “They’re excited for the game this weekend and for things in the future. It’s not all, but it’s the vast majority. I love the energy all week, especially today.”

Frost also commented on freshman Wan’Dale Robinson, who was named a finalist for the Hornung Award Thursday morning.
“Wan’Dale is a weapon for us,” Frost said. “He’s going to be a weapon for us for a long time. He’s a really good person on top of being a good player. We’re lucky to have him in the program. I think you’ve only started to see all the things that he will be able to do for us. We recruited the right guy. I think he’s going to continue to get better and we’re going to have more and more ways we can use him. Congratulations to him, and I hope we have more guys up for awards in the future.”

Frost concluded with talking about junior wide receiver JD Spielman.
“The way they play defense, you’re going to have to get some shots on them,” Frost said. “They’re not going to give you [anything] easy. It’s hard to grind out drives against these guys so you’re going to have to try to make a big play here and there. The teams that have done okay against them hit a couple long passes, and that keeps you in the game with them. Those big plays have to happen. Last year, we had one big play to JD. We had quite a few yards last year, but we didn’t score enough points. If we can somehow emulate the ability to move the ball, we have to finish some of those plays and get them to the endzone.”

Nebraska will take the practice field again on Friday with a light practice in preparation for Wisconsin. Saturday’s game will begin at 11 a.m. and will be televised on BTN.