By Willy J – Do you remember seeing or hearing about an SMU cheerleader who was almost impaled by a Texas A&M Aggie Corp? It’s hard to believe that this actually happened during a college football game, but this hilarious and embarrassing fight took place after a SMU touchdown at Texas A&M in 1981. A&M apparently had rules regarding who was allowed to be on the field during the game and a hot headed Aggie corp wasn’t gonna let anything slide, as if it was his god given duty to do so:

During a break in the game, Hood ran on the field and drew his sword ‘as scare tactics,’ he said, at SMU cheerleaders doing a cheer following a touchdown. A&M yell leaders are allowed on the field but visiting teams’ cheerleaders are not. –

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this guy was the hall monitor in 1st grade. I wanna know how long he was waiting and wondering what the consequences would be if he ran out there and stabbed the dude because that is a wildly crazy thing to do giving your position, A MILITARY OFFICER, and your location, A COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME.

This is the epitome of losing your f****** mind. Who in their life would run onto a football field with thousands watching in person and thousands watching on TV? I mean you’re team has to either be losing by 50 to SMU or you just really f****** hate SMU so much that you want to go out and stab one of their cheerleaders.

I’m glad his ass got rocked at the end. HOT TAKE: The sword dude was a little bitch.